Food & Beverages

The Grand Society House (Stora Societetshuset) is the classical meeting place at Loka Brunn. This beautiful building from 1912 houses a restaurant and grand lounge. Just as in former days, good food and drink can be enjoyed here after which you can relax by the inviting open fire with a good book, board games or for a chat together with family and friends over a glass of champagne. We also arrange wine tasting to add to your enjoyment.

King Gustav III established the basis for our culinary experiences and to this very day we grow our own herbs and spices in the King's garden dating from the 1700s. As a guest at Loka Brunn, you can expect classical Swedish flavours which have been given an innovative twist. Presentation is also important to us and our produce and raw materials are always of the highest quality. The Spendrup family has also produced beverages for over 300 years, and serves their own assortment of beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks, juice and coffee. We bake all our own bread, and our chefs plan the menus together with our sommeliers for an exquisite culinary experience.