Day spa

Quality time at the spa including lunch and leisure time! Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves with well needed relaxation, exercise and good food. Enjoy the delights of the Water Salon’s hot springs lit by crystal chandeliers, participate in an exercise activity and taste some mouth-watering food to complete your spa experience.

- Lunch buffet
– Entry to the Water Salon’s unique spa and bathing area
– Loan of bath towel and bathing robe
– Fruit and water buffet
– Access to our newly established gym

Price per adult
Half day Monday – Friday 495 SEK, whole day 695 SEK.
Half day Saturday 695 SEK.
Sunday half day fornoon 695 SEK.
Sunday half day afternoon adult 495 SEK and children 245 SEK.

Evening spa

Give yourself some time for relaxation in the Water Salon’s restfully lit area. Round off your evening spa experience with a well composed three course dinner!

- Entry to the Water Salon’s bathing and spa area from 2pm – 6pm
– Three course meal in the restaurant at 6.30pm
– Loan of bath towel and bath robe
– Access to the gym
– Fruit and water bar

Price per person
Monday – Thursday 795 SEK
Friday and Saturday 895 SEK
Sunday 795 SEK (Sunday with entry to the Water Salon from 4pm-7pm and dinner 7.30 pm)